Noah: Ups and downs in my first elite year! Review 2017

After a very successful last junior season, I joined the elite squad a year ago. A big step for me with a lot of new experiences, and yet one thing was still the same: orienteering!
The first success came unexpectedly early: I was second at Effretiker in the knock-out sprint! The first training camp in Alicante was scheduled for February. The coastal forests as well as the forests in the interior of Spain were super beautiful and I was able to profit a lot. In March I took part at the MOC-Camp, a sprint training camp in Naples. The small towns were very interesting and my sprinting skills improved every day. A last highlight after very successful competitions was definitely the run from the sea up to the crater of Vesuvius!
At the test races for the World Cup I could not get my very best performance, but I was very satisfied with an 8th place in the middle distance. Afterwards I went to Estonia/Latvia with the elite squad to train in the WOC-terrain 2017 and 2018. It was very cold and the marshes were partly frozen, but mostly not enough, so that you broke into the cold water again and again.... brrr.
At the end of April I ran for the first time at the Tiomila for Järla. In the second team on the second course I could show a good performance. I got to know many new people, who accepted me very well.
In mid-May I successfully completed my civil service assignment at a primary school in Basel. I was able to gain great experiences and meet many new people. Working with the children was a lot of fun.
Afterwards I went to the training camp in Finland, which took place parallel to the World Cup. This was the start of my four-week stay in Scandinavia. After a week I went by boat to Stockholm and met Timon, where we lived together at Järla members.  Together, we completed many training sessions in difficult terrain and improved our experience in Nordic terrain.  For the last week we traveled back to Finland to train for the Jukola in similar terrain. Once we did a night o training at midnight, but it wasn't very dark. When we fell asleep at 2am, the sun was already up again - a great experience.
At the Jukola I ran the 3rd course for OLV Baselland. My colleagues started super fast and I was able to leave with just a little delay. I also had a good run, but I hit my knee on a stone. I limped into the finish line with extreme pains as soon as possible, to relieve my colleague. The diagnosis was not very pleasing: the bursa on the kneecap had burst open, but fortunately nothing was broken. The injury meant for me 2 weeks walking with sticks, many hours of physio and a 5-week jogging break. I had to forgo two planned stays in the north, but instead I went to the sea with his family to Croatia. There I was able to relax, recover mentally and just enjoy a normal holidays.
The beginning of the autumn season was very hard. I struggled for a long time with the physical condition and a mental fear of hurting my knee again. Nevertheless, I was able to collect the most points at the Redbull Alpitude with careful divisions. This was a huge motivation boost for me at the perfect time!
Parallel to my advanced training I started an internship at Blaser Architekten. The work as an architect is very interesting and thanks to the great willingness of the office I am flexible in time, which allows me to participate in all training camps. I am already looking forward to studying architecture in September.
At the end of August I went again to Latvia to prepare for the World Cup. The vegetation was much greener than in April, the landscape was much more friendly and lively. I was able to complete the whole training camp painlessly, with which my main goal was reached.
At the beginning of October I flew to Stockholm again to run at the 25Manna for Järla. In spite of bad weather it was great to run in the beautiful terrain and to see my Swedish colleagues again. After that, I almost went directly to the Ticino in preparation for the European Championships (EOC), which will take place in May 2018 in Ticino. It was really fun to make progress as fast as possible on the steep slopes. The motivation for the EOC increased again during the training camp and I give everything to be there!
On the last National Weekend on the Rigi I managed to finish the season perfectly. I was 2nd in the forest sprint. So I was able to go into the training break with a good feeling to recharge my batteries for the 2018 season.


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