Chamuel: ligament rupture in Ticino


The most important goal for this season was to focus on health. After a lot of injuries and infections in 2017, I invested a lot of time in prevention in order to be able to train as consistently as possible.  I did this very well in December and it was a lot of fun to train normally. At the beginning of January I travelled to Ticino with the junior team. In an extensive training in the Arcegno, a big mishap happened to me. In a steep downhill passage I couldn't slow down, jumped over a trunk and landed on a loose stone in the foliage. This one slipped away and I sprained my right foot strongly. Of course, my ligaments couldn't withstand such pressure and ripped.  This was just bad luck, I had taped the other foot I sprained at the EYOC last year.


After six weeks I should be able to start again with short running sessions according to plan. Until then I will mainly train on my bike and in the water. The start of the season is not in danger with a good healing process. The first big highlight with the night-o swiss champs in my region remains my big goal. 

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aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

25 Jahre alt




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