Chamuel: Finally a lot of orienteering again!

on the road in Portugal with Struuss
on the road in Portugal with Struuss

During the injury phase I trained a lot of hours. During the school holidays I travelled with Järla Orientering to Portugal and trained on the road bike. Afterwards I enjoyed the winter in the valley of Goms and trained on the spinning bike, in the water and also on the cross-country skis. After six weeks of rehabilitation I was finally allowed to run again. In the training weekend with the junior team in Zofingen I did my first orienteering and enjoyed it to the fullest.

One week later I started at the first national race. Seventh place is certainly satisfactory. It was very close and technically I made some mistakes.



mistakes at control 5, 10 and 11
mistakes at control 5, 10 and 11

One week later the night orienteering championship in northwestern Switzerland was on the agenda. Of course I was highly motivated, even though I knew that the preparation was not optimal. One night training had to be enough. During the week I had a cold and had to reduce the training. But I didn't miss a podium at the NOM because of that. The first 20 minutes of the race were marked by many mistakes. Three minutes behind after just under one third is way too much and so I can be satisfied with fifth place at the end. But the disappointment was great, it would have been possible to do more.

coverage clip Swiss Orienteering Grandslam



extremly difficult terrain in Hungary
extremly difficult terrain in Hungary

Immediately afterwards I travelled with the regional team to Ticino, where I was able to do four demanding trainings as test race preparation. Directly from Ticino I travelled to Hungary with Andrin and Jonas Gründler. A little south of Budapest we trained for six days in the very flat forests. These were very varied. There were areas that were enormously green and you had to find the passages like in a labyrinth. During the first intensive training in such an area it was also clearly shown to me that you can only find the controls if you stay focused from start to finish. It takes a lot of time to catch yourself in such a labyrinth. On the other hand, there were also forests and open areas in which one could see enormously far and one should not take extra-meters if possible.


on the way in Novaggio
on the way in Novaggio

Just back from Hungary we went to Ticino. Two world ranking competitions as part of the test races of the elite for the European Championships were on the agenda. For me it was above all a test for the junior test runs, which take place in similar terrain. I'm happy with the sprint in Novaggio and a top 30 rank (elite), but the middle was a disappointment. My run was very good from the feeling, but still I lost too much time. A bad route, not the freshest legs in the uphills and very hesitant downhills led to the big gap. In these two competitions, however, we juniors were also impressively shown that the difference to the elite world champions is still huge ;)


WRE Sprint

WRE Middle

I am pleased to announce some very positive news regarding sponsoring. Since March I have been supported by the "Basel ist Sport" Foundation. As main sponsor Noah and I are allowed to present the sports clinic "Rennbahn".

"Basel ist Sport" is part of the sports network in north-western Switzerland and concentrates on the mediation of support contributions for non-commercial young and top-class sports. As one of twelve athletes, I am of course proud to benefit from their very generous support.

Website with my profile

The "Rennbahnklinik" was the first sports clinic in Switzerland. The fact that the best in the world, such as Novak Djokovic, has already been treated at this clinic shows the enormous competence. As main sponsor their logo is on our dress.


The newspaper "Wochenblatt" published a report about Noah and me in german. You can read it here.


What's the next step? This weekend is the relay-swisschamp. Tomorrow Saturday the internal selection run for the first team from Sunday will take place within the scope of a national competition. On Sunday I will travel with the national junior team to the south of France for a week. A great opportunity to collect a lot of controlls and to work on the technique. Immediately after the last day at high school, the test runs for the Junior World Championships in Ticino begin. The next month the focus will, of course, be on these competitions alone.


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