Successful selections!

Two weeks ago we both showed strong selection runs in Ticino. Thanks to consistently good results, we selected ourselves for our respective international target competitions. Both are now part of a 6-member delegation. 

Selection Student World Championship

Selection Junior World Championships


The Junior World Championship in Hungary starts with the long distance on July 9th. It takes place about 100km south of Budapest in Kecskemét. It is Chamuel's first junior world championship and he is really looking forward to the challenge. The terrain is very flat, technically demanding and high temperatures are expected. You can find more information here: JWOC 2018


The Student World Championship in Finland starts for Noah with the sprint on July 19th. It takes place about 350km north of Helsinki in Kuortane. Noah is very optimistic about technically interesting competitions and is already highly motivated. The terrain is very typical for Finland and is characterized by fine relief and pine and fir forests. You can find more information here: WUOC 2018


Now we are both looking forward to the intensive preparation, which includes the Jukola. The Jukola is a relay in Finland with 7 runners taking turns. We will both compete at the Jukola with OLV Baselland on June 16th in Lahti. The goal of OLV Baselland is to run into the top 20 of more than 1800 teams. You can find more information here: Jukola 2018


We would like to thank everyone involved for their warm support. A big thank you goes to Anders Holmberg, who supported us intensively during the whole preparation. We appreciate his great commitment. We would also like to thank our sponsors and benefactors for their great trust.


JWOC 2018 Ungarn
Part of the map of JWOC in Hungary
WUOC 2018 Kuortane
Part of the map of WUOC in Finland

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