Chamuel: Swiss champion title over the long distance, selection for the JEC and great training camps

One week after the JWOC I started training again. This was probably a bit overmotivated. During my holidays in Valais, after the many flat kilometres before the Junior World Championships, I also wanted to collect some vertical ones to get used to the steep ascents in the JEC test runs. The result was an inflammation of the knee muscles. 


Fortunately, things got better very quickly and I was still able to travel to the training camp in Sweden. This was organized by the regional squad and we were allowed to enjoy the beautiful forests of Sweden for almost two weeks. Fortunately they were quite flat again and so the knee recovered completely during the training camp. In the half we changed from Hallsberg to Dalajärna. Physically I felt very good and also technically I had very good trainings again and again. Beside the training we enjoyed the fantastic weather, our nice accommodations at the lake and the good atmosphere.

With a great deal of motivation and self-confidence from the technically successful training camp, the test run series for the Junior European Cup in Valais was waiting at home in Switzerland. A middle distance in Scuol-Tarasp, the long distance SM in Ftan and the middle distance SM in Unterägeri formed the basis for the selection. The test run weekend is one that I won't forget in a hurry. I was able to win both competitions and thus not only created a perfect starting position for myself in terms of selection, but also became Swiss champion in the supreme long distance discipline! Technically I could prevent big mistakes in both competitions. The only shock moment at the beginning of the race was the long distance, when I was looking for the third post for one minute. I still don't really have a real explanation why almost everything went perfectly this weekend. Surely I had a great physical form and was able to run out an advantage of 3.5 minutes in the long distance due to the technically good performance.

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One week later the test series continued with the middle distance Swiss Championship. My performance was certainly solid, but a bit too many small mistakes crept in and because of only ten seconds it was not enough to finish silver but "only" fourth.

Results Middle SM

Thanks to these results I was selected for the Junior European Cup in Lower Valais. This international competition takes place every year and it is a great opportunity to run against the world's best juniors in Switzerland. On Friday, October 5th there will be a sprint relay. I will run the second course for the second Swiss team. On Saturday I will continue with a middle distance, on Sunday I will run a long distance with a mass start. I am very happy to be able to run in front of the hopefully euphoric Swiss audience.


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In the meantime, I have run quite a few competitions. As a physical test I ran the Liestaler Stadtlauf, where I finished 5th in a strong starting field. In the annual performance test over 3km on the track I ran in 9:13 a clear personal best time (2017 9:33 (but shortly after injury) ¦ 2016 9:36). I could work on the technique in the training camp of the junior team. During seven days we trained first in the southern French Jura and then in the Valais. Again we only had great weather and we had a lot of fun beside the training.

Pictures: NWK NWS, Reto Zbinden, Kurt Ruedisueli, Siri Nyfeler

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