Noah: foot injury

At the beginning of a training break I suddenly felt a pain after a short stop during a football match among orienteers. After a few days I had no more pain and took a break from training as planned.

When I started training at the end of November, I slowly increased my training volume and had no problems during running trainings and first competitions. During a cross-country training I felt unusual pain.

An MRI examination showed a preliminary stage of a stress fracture in the metatarsus. This means that the bone is weakened but not broken.

The most important thing now is to give the bone enough rest so that it can recover. This means that in the first few days I can only train in water. After that I train on the bike and the crosstrainer. If the healing process is optimal, I will start running training again in one month.

Such an injury is always a big setback. However, the time could be much worse - there are still 4 months to go until the World Cup test races. So I still have enough time to make a good setup.

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aus Münchenstein, BL

im B-Kader von Swiss Orienteering

25 Jahre alt




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